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About us

We fell in love with the region in 1997 when friends took us an our oldest son, who was 2 years old at that moment, on a ski-trip. The skiing with the 2 year old was a disaster but we learnt that the region carried much of the cultural heritage of our home town in Belgium, Ghent. In Belgium's prosperous town, the city owned a small slope and lift and the high school kids in the Ghent had their first and often only experience with winter holidays int he village. During many years we spent our X-mas vacation in local hotels and bumped into Ghent's major and his family and we developed friendships with the locals in the village of Pichl. This inspired us to buy a plot of land and build a house in the village, a place where we and our children always could enjoy each other's presence wherever the future one would bring. We built the house in 2016 with local help and according to the local style, adjusted to modern standards of eco-friendliness. Like we constructed the house with the help of the local community, we also manage it with the help of locals to support the regional economy. We advice our guests local small businesses and self-employed endogenous people as places to stroll into for lunch or dinner or as guides for walking, hiking, cycling or tour skiing. To inspire other small hosts offering BnB facilities, room for rent or small boutique hotels we have recently set up a company to help them improve on sustainability and give them a label so that you as a visitor are sure that environmental awareness, social consciousness and local cultural heritage and support are at the heart of these businesses. Visit our website, sustainable small hosts - -.


Anja Bulteel

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I manage the house and I am the founder of "Sustainable Small Hosts"


Bart Clarysse

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I’m a professor in entrepreneurship and innovation and addicted to outdoor sport activities...

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